Tips for burning calories faster

  • Sol Rivero

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to lose some weight by exercising? Learn all about burning calories faster –and healthily!- with the tips we’ve collected for you.


Tip for burning calories faster #6: Drink caffeine

Caffeine can help your body burn calories faster by boosting up the speed in which your metabolism processes food. A few cups of non-caloric coffee will help you lose weight and give you enough energy to keep active throughout the day. If you prefer, you can also try green tea. It contains caffeine and chemicals which boost your metabolism, as well as cleaning your organism, making you feel healthier.


Tip for burning calories faster #5: Eat 5 small meals during the day

Although we’re used to consuming three large meals a day –breakfast, lunch and dinner-, it’s better for your organism to ingest small amounts of food throughout the day. This keeps your metabolism dynamic, instead of forcing it to hog calories between meals, most of which turn into fat. Provide it with enough nutrients and fiber during the day instead.  


Tip for burning calories faster #4: Eat spicy food

Spicy food doesn’t only make you feel warm during the chilly months, but it also enhances your metabolism, making it work faster to process the hot food in your stomach. Try eating a spicy lunch, or add some spices to your drink –like ginger or cinnamon- before hitting the gym in the morning.


Tip for burning calories faster #3: Drink a lot of water

Water not only regulates your body temperature and lubricates your muscles, but it also helps you get rid of extra pounds by cleaning up your system, helping your stomach digest the food, and also by making you feel fuller and eat less. Drink water throughout the day, especially when you’re working out so you can keep properly hydrated while you’re perspiring.


Tip for burning calories faster #2: Eat the right nutrients

Your body will resist workouts better if you consume the right food. Carbohydrates and proteins are great for shaping your muscles and providing you plenty of energy to have longer exercising sessions. The longer your workout, the more calories you will burn, so try to add these ingredients to your diet, and have a meal full of nutrients a couple of hours before hitting the gym.


Tip for burning calories faster #1: Use interval training

Instead of spending hours jumping from one intense workout to another, create a routine based on alternating extreme exercises with less demanding trainings. This keeps your body from getting used to a certain routine, thus forcing it to work hard by boosting it up several times. Make your exercises last between twenty to thirty minutes, and vary them regularly to keep your body on edge. Since it’ll be working overtime, you’ll burn even more calories than with a normal routine!


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