Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and whether you’re thinking about spending a nice day with your friends, or going on a date with your better half, you’ll want to look as chic and beautiful as possible. To help you out, we give you a few tips on what’s “in”, and what you can wear for any sort of outing to look great and stay comfortable.

Check out our fashion and beauty ideas for Valentine’s Day 2015:


Fashion and beauty idea for Valentine’s Day 2015 #1: Hanging out with friends

Staying at home with some friends for this Valentine’s Day? Gathering a group of single friends and simply enjoying a movie at someone’s home is always a great plan for those who want to avoid lovey-dovey couples everywhere. For this kind of event, you’ll want something comfortable with a laidback, but chic look.

Here are some fashion and beauty ideas for hanging out with friends during Valentine’s Day:

  • The clothing: stay warm while keeping it simple with a chunky turtleneck and a pair of tight jeans, and simply give it a stylish look with knee-high boots.
  • The accessories: when achieving a laid-back look, less is always more. Opt for stackable macramé bracelets, or opt for a cute set of stud earrings.
  • The hair: opt for messy locks, letting your hair fall loosely, and styling it with your fingers to give it just a touch of volume.
  • The makeup: you won’t need a lot of makeup for staying indoors, so opt for nude colors and soft corals for a fresh, cute and relaxed look.


Fashion and beauty idea for Valentine’s Day 2015 #2: Romantic outing

If you and your partner are going to a movie or dinner kind of date, it’s time to take it a step further and create a very feminine and ethereal look that will wow your other half. Textures and volume are very important, as well as a soft and dreamy palette.

Here are some fashion and beauty ideas for a romantic outing:

  • The clothing: combine a trendy white lace dress or midi-skirt with an eye-catching statement coat and a pair of comfy heels for an elegant and charming look.
  • The accessories: add a touch of early spring to your look with cute floral accessories, or opt for stylish metallic jewelry in rose gold.
  • The hair: dare to try a cute ballerina bun that will expose your face and look extremely graceful.
  • The makeup: eyes are the windows to the soul, so focus on yours when creating your makeup: opt for large, dramatic eyelashes; or try a cute cat eye.


Fashion and beauty idea for Valentine’s Day 2015 #3: Adventurous date

Are you and your couple adventurous folks? If you can’t think of a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than discovering new places or trying new activities, then an eccentric experience might be a great date for you! Comfort should be your top priority when getting ready for this events, but that doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style!

Here are some fashion and beauty ideas for an adventurous date:

  • The clothing: since it’s still winter, look for baggy pants or dresses inspired by athleticwear, which will combine textures, warmth, but also style. Combine them with cute sneakers, and you’ll be ready to go.
  • The accessories: for an adventurous outing, skip rings, necklaces and bracelets that might get damaged with strenuous physical activity, and opt for chic aviator sunglasses and a statement purse
  • The hair: braids and plaits are extremely popular this season, and they’re a great way to keep your hair out of the way while looking chic.
  • The makeup: opt for nude colors and soft earthy hues.


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