Stainless steel Hamsa hand Bracelet

                    Stainless steel Hamsa hand Bracelet

                   Stainless steel Hamsa hand Bracelet 

                    The different precious stones also have particular meanings and properties:

  • The Red Coral represents life and energy, and it was used for preventing bad fortune.
  • The Tiger Eye represents courage and confidence, and it’s believed to stimulate action.
  • The Turquoise represents prosperity and happiness, and it’s believed to change in color depending on the wearer’s condition.
  • The Black Onyx represents self-control and inner strength, and it’s used for stimulating health and mental abilities.


                        Also we have the classic Stainless steel Red cord Hamsa hand bracelet

                Stainless steel Hamsa hand Bracelet                   Stainless steel Hamsa hand Bracelet


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