About Us

All women want to look their best and feel happy and beautiful, that is our goal, to make your feel and look stunning at all times. Martinuzzi accessories is a Miami, Florida-based fashion jewelry store that specializes in fashion jewelry. Our founder, Patricia Martinuzzi, is an avid fashion lover who gathers amazing pieces of jewelry from all corners of the world. She designs and crafts her own jewelry pieces to Martinuzzi brand. All pieces are carefully selected and crafted to reflect the most current fashion trends in France, Turkey, Spain,Serbia, Italy, Greece, and the Americas. 

Our objective as a company is to provide our customers with the most beautiful and artfully created pieces of fashion jewelry. We believe that a great piece of jewelry should highlight a woman’s beauty and make people think “she looks stunning!” every time she walks into a room. This is the “test” that we make all our products undertake before they are included in our catalog. 

About our Founder

Patricia Martinuzzi - Jewelry Fashion Designer

Patricia Martinuzzi

Fashion Jewelry Designer

My name is Patricia Martinuzzi and jewelry design is my passion. I grew up in an environment of artist creativity and business that lead me to develop this love for jewelry making. I have always wanted to share my passion for jewelry fashion design with people all over the world; Martinuzzi Accessories allows me to connect with women who want to look beautiful and feel happy. I really hope that you enjoy each Martinuzzi jewelry piece!