Beaded handbags online

Beaded handbags online

Beaded handbags online


Are you looking for a glamorous and unique accessory to make your outfits stand out? Check out our gorgeous beaded handbags online!


These beautiful handmade complements have charming floral designs, and they have been imported from the best artisans in Italy!


Discover our gorgeous beaded handbags online:

  • The lovely Emilia, perfect for a day outfit, and made entirely with faceted glass beads in green, orange and blue tones.
  • The adorable Natale, which will look perfect during a day out at work or a casual outing with your friends, with its floral design in pale blue, orange, gray and teal beads.
  • The elegant Gemma, which will complement any night or formal outfit with its beautiful design in white, orange and black faceted beads.
  • The gorgeous Tina, ideal for complementing a glamorous ensemble with its golden, orange and black beads.


Looking for beautiful beaded handbags online? Out store has gorgeous options for you! Based on the latest trends in Italian and worldwide fashion, these floral accessories are perfect for adding a little something extra to your look.

Check out or beaded handbags online at our store, and take the time to give a look to our small, matching beaded purses!



 Beaded handbags onlineBeaded handbags onlineBeaded handbags online

Beaded handbags online 

Beaded handbags online



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