Custom made charm bracelet

                                                  custom made charm bracelet

Custom made charm bracelets, we have hand crafted woven bracelets with sterling silver lucky charms, bracelets made in Hematite stones, cultivated pearls, silk cords, and some others delicate materials to give a sophisticated appearance to each piece.

Shop with us and choose your preferred one among a very nice collection of cute hand made bracelets, take a look at our beautiful charms: peace symbol, crescent moon, hamsa hand, evil eye, shoe horse and many others.

Each piece is made with an elegant style, and with very good quality materials. 

                    custom made charm bracelet                                                          custom made charm bracelet

 In Martinuzzi accessories, we want you have a pleasant shopping experience with us. We gather beautiful pieces of jewelry art from different places in order to satisfy you. 


Come to The Falls shopping center K114 in Kendall, Miami, Florida and enjoy shopping, choosing your favorite bracelet at Martinuzzi Accessories Store.

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