Evil eye bracelet. Cord Lucky Eye Bracelet

                                     Evil eye bracelt. cord lucky eye bracelet            


 Evil eye bracelet                         

Take a look at our Cord lucky eye Bracelets.

Multiple cultures believe that the eyes are not only the windows to the soul, they also believe they have the power to transmit good or bad energies.

Look chic and easygoing with a cute bracelet! With our Evil eye bracelet, Cord lucky eye braceletyou could attract good fortune while making a fashion statement with a lovely amulet!

 Red cord lucky eye bracelets. Evil eye bracelet

The color of the amulet is also very significant: a red evil eye talisman increases the spiritual energy and confidence of the wearer, and it's also linked to the protective aura of love, passion and courage; while a blue evil eye represents good karma. Cord lucky eye bracelet, evil eye bracelet, in elegant styles to improve your attire, casual or sophisticated.

                                   Evil eye bracelet. cord lucky eye bracelet                                Evil eye bracelet. cord lucky eye bracelet


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