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Acording ancient cultures, the Turkish Evil Eye amulet protects the person from damages, since it stares right back at the person who inflicts the curse, and according to some, it helps the ill-wishes bounce back.

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                                                            Gold Filled Evil Eye Bracelet with Flat Italy Murano Beads.

   Evil eye was a talisman for protection for centuries. Choose your color, choose your style.                                                                   

Although the most popular shade is in blue, the Turkish Evil Eye can also be found in different hues, and the color of the evil eye bead can also add some extra properties to each amulet:

  • Blue: attracts calm and prosperity,

  • Red: good luck and energy,

  • Black: power,

  • Brown: connection with nature,

  • Green: happiness, freedom and relaxation,

  • Grey: security,

  • Orange: creativity,

  • Purple: imagination and energy,

  • Yellow: health and concentration.

                                         evil eye store in miami         evil eye store in miami


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