Fashion jewelry accessories

fashion jewelry accessories



At Martinuzzi Accessories online store you’ll find beautiful fashion jewelry accessories imported from exotic places such as Serbia, Spain and Italy. Our items are carefully handcrafted and selected by our founder, Patricia Martinuzzi, whose mission is to choose the most gorgeous and elegant fashion jewelry accessories for the modern and chic urban woman. 

Looking for inexpensive and glamorous fashion jewelry accessories? You’ll find great options at our online store. Check it out!

Fashion jewelry accessories

fashion jewelry accessories                 Fashion jewelry accessories   fashion jewelry accessories


Our collections of fashion jewelry accessories

From simple ornaments to the perfect eye-catching accessory, discover out collections of fashion jewelry accessories and find the best item to suit your style:


  • fashion jewelry accessoriesOur Serbia Collection: consists on fashion jewelry accessories with gorgeous gemstones, striking earthy colors, pearls, beads, layers and more… Check it out!
  • Our Spain Collection: has beautiful golden and sparkly earrings, rings and necklaces, as well as colorful beaded fashion jewelry accessories with pendants shaped as crosses and flowers… Discover it!
  • Our Italy Collection: includes striking fashion jewelry accessories with beads, floral motifs, metallic tones and leather… Get to know it!


Looking for the perfect fashion jewelry accessories which fit your personality and help you create a unique look? Make sure you visit Martinuzzi Accessories’ online store!

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fashion jewelry accessories


You can also visit our Miami outlet at The Falls Shopping Mall:

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