Gold filled evil eye Bracelet

                                     Gold filled evil eye Bracelet    

                    Gold Filled Evil Eye Bracelet with Flat Italy Murano Beads

The Turkish Evil Eye can also be found in small and delicate glass beads painted by hand. Under this presentation, it receives the name ofnazar boncuğu, or evil eye bead. These can be added to cute bracelets and other popular jewelry.

The nazar has been found in many cultures from Egypt and Greece to Afghanistan, Iran, Bulgaria, and, of course, Turkey. The first recorded Turkish Evil Eye was found on a clay tablet from Mesopotamia, and it became a tradition amongst several Asian societies.     

Although the creation of this amulet has become a worldwide activity, making an authentic Turkish Evil Eye is considered a highly valued art of more than 5000 years, and it’s a trade passed from artisans to their children. Find your Gold filled evil eye Bracelet at our store in The Falls Shopping center.

                           Gold filled evil eye Bracelet                                              Gold filled evil eye Bracelet  


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