Hamsa hand Necklace

Hamsa Hand Necklace     

  Hamsa hand necklace                Hamsa hand necklace            hamsa hand necklace white opal sterling silver chain

Hamsa Hand Necklace

Amulets are items used for good fortune and protection. The Hamsa hand is believed to bring prosperity, happiness, and health to the wearer. It’s commonly used as a bracelet, necklace or even like key chains.

The Hamsa can contain other symbols which are associated with a particular type of protection or gift. An eye in the middle of the hand is especially common, and it’s believed to be a way of protecting the carrier against the evil eye, a powerful envious glance which can cause bad luck and misfortune to the person. Hamsa hand necklaces are widely used in Oriental cultures. The symbol is believed a powerful protection, and in moderns times, is an elegant and cute piece of jewelry you can wear among your personal fashion accessories.

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hamsa hand necklace opal gold plated sterling silver chain


We have a stunning collection of Hamsa hand necklaces made with Sterling Silver, Gold plated sterling silver, Rose Gold plated sterling silver, silk, leather, Nacar, Mother pearl and some others noble materials.

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