Hamsa Hand String Bracelet

 Hamsa hand string bracelet

Hamsa hand symbol is known, according ancients cultures, as a protection amulet and good luck talisman. For some cultures is the peace symbol, and the symbol that the middle east people use raising their hand to say: I come in peace.

The word " Hamsa" means; "Number Five", representing the five senses and the five fingers.

You can get your Hamsa hand charm amulet crafted in a cute red string bracelet made with a synthetic opal stone, which gives a beautiful look to this magical fashion piece.



Hamsa hand string bracelet




Choose your preferred color: red, blue, and white, depending what "meaning" you are looking for.

Happiness, prosperity, protection, which are represented in the different colors.

Take a look at our nice collection of Hamsa Hand fashion jewelry and choose your preferred ones.

                                                                hamsa hand string bracelet



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Hamsa Hand string bracelet