Handmade jewelry Miami

Handmade jewelry Miami               Handmade jewelry Miami              Handmade jewelry Miami

Handmade jewelry Miami

Martinuzzi accessories is a fashion jewelry store that specializes in handmade jewelry in Miami. We gather amazing pieces of handmade jewelry from all corners of the world to bring to our clients the best of this art.

We want to provide our customers with the most beautiful and artfully created pieces of fashion jewelry. We believe that a great piece of jewelry should highlight a woman’s beauty and make people think “she looks stunning!” every time she walks into a room. This is the “test” that we make all our products undertake before they are included in our catalog.


    Handmade jewelry Miami                              Handmade jewelry Miami


                                                                                         Handmade jewelry Miami / Martinuzzi Accessories

                           At The Falls Shopping Center in Kendall, Miami, Florida

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    Handmade jewelry Miami