Lucky Charm Bracelets

Lucky charm bracelets


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Have you ever worn a necklace with a cross-shaped pendant, or a David star? What about a bracelet with an oriental charm? Many of the shapes we wear daily carry meanings which can differ from one culture to another. Some have religious roots, while others derive from tradition or myths.

Still, in our highly globalized world, symbols can gain new meanings and overcome the barriers of language and creed. Something fashion designers have understood, daring to incorporate elements of different cultures into their collections and making them more accessible for people from all over the world.

                                                              Lucky charm bracelets

Here are some of the most popular trendy amulets which you’ll see in our lucky charm bracelets:

  • The Hamsa Hand: Perhaps the most popular of all talismans, this amulet shows a small symmetrical hand which is believed to bring prosperity and protection to its wearer.

  • The Evil Eye: One of the most well-known amulet in the world, the evil eye is a charm that protects the person against ill-intentioned emotions and influences which can be transmitted by the power of sight.

  • Animals: From small bugs to large cats, animals can be used to represent a wide number of human attributes. During the latest catwalks, we saw a lot of animal-shaped charms in necklaces, rings, purses, and all types of accessories.

  • The Cross: Although there are many different crosses around the world, the most recognizable is the Latin cross, popularized by Christians as a sign of Christ’s crucifixion. However, for some cultures it can also represent the four elements or the cardinal points. Since last Fall/Winter, it has gained popularity as a trendy talisman once again. 

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