New Collection of Fashion Accessories with a Boho style

Martinuzzi Accessories continues to push the boundaries of fashion accessories design with a brand new collection that will fulfill your fall / winter fashion needs!

Just in time for the Holidays, our resident fashion expert and founder Patricia Martinuzzi has compiled a group of fashion accessories inspired by the latest fashion trends in womenswear. Following the recent popularity of the boho style in the fashion world, this new collection combines elegance and a laid-back and fun spirit with pieces that will definitely look great in a casual or formal event.

Here are some of the trends you can find in our new collection of fashion accessories:

Elegant fashion accessories design

With handmade metallic jewelry carefully engraved in sterling silver, gold filled or including a classic white pearl, Martinuzzi Accessories gives the boho style an elegant touch that makes it ideal for complementing your outfit in any occasion: whether it’s a trip to your workplace or a formal business meeting.

Bead Opal Necklace Dot Pendant 925 Sterling Silver Box Chain


In this new collection of fashion accessories you will find versatile read-to-wear pieces that will last for a lifetime!

Martinuzzi recommends:

Evil Eye Hamsa Hand Bracelet Sterling Silver                                      half crescent moon necklace

Lucky charms

Amulets are all the rage right now! Inspired by this trend, Patricia Martinuzzi has added a great and extensive selection of accessories deep-rooted in Eastern traditions and spiritual beliefs. Among these glamorous protection charms you will find classic Hamsa Hand accessories, Evil Eyes, Red string details inspired by Kabbalah customs, and much more.


In necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings, the fashion accessories of our new collection work as a protection amulet and a unique bohemian complement.


Martinuzzi recommends:


Since its very start, Martinuzzi Accessories has offered its loyal fashion-loving customers a wide selection of fashion accessories with gemstones, precious stones and semiprecious stones, to fit their different styles, moods and needs.

With this new collection, we continue to honor this tradition by including several fun pieces with different gemstone charms to choose from, shaped as popular amulets or animal motifs.


Martinuzzi recommends:

Blue Opal Hamsa Earrings 925 Sterling Silver

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