Our Father Lord's Prayer pendant: The story behind the amulet

Our Father Lord's Prayer pendant: The story behind the amulet

Pendant necklace. Our father prayer.

Our father prayer.Pendant necklace.


Martinuzzi Accessories is constantly reinventing itself and drawing inspiration from different cultures and places of the world. During our search for trendy amulets, we have also learned that beyond their beautiful appearance, these talismans also hold important meanings and are believed to give unique powers to those who use them.

Such is the case of our newest Our Father Lord Prayer pendant, a beautiful design engraved with this popular Christian invocation. This prayer is believed to connect devotees with their Creator, and is an essential item that represents true devotion. 

The story behind Our Father Lord Prayer pendant


Pendant necklace. Our father prayer.Also known as the Pater Noster or Oratio Dominica, the Our Father prayer is a well-known Christian prayer that has been translated through the centuries from Greek to Latin, English and other modern languages. According to the New Testament, this plea was originally taught by Jesus to his disciples during the Sermon of the Mount, and it contains three parts that were common to most Jewish prayers at the time: a praise to the Lord, a petition and a yearning. 

Inspired by the story and significance of this esteemed symbol of fervor and devoutness, we have incorporated several items with an Our Father Lord's Prayer pendant to our collection of amulets, with the purpose of adding an extra layer of meaning to the pieces we wear on a daily basis, as well as enriching the multicultural spirit of our newest compilation of fashion accessories.

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