Silk Cord Necklace

Silk Cord Necklace

We sell silk cord Necklaces.

Choose your favorite charms made in sterling silver, stainless steel or some other materials. 

Silk evil eye necklace Stainless Steel Lobster Clasp sizes 16 & 18 +, Tree of life, Cross or hamsa hand; we have a nice collection of cute charms.


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               Silk Cord Necklace                    Silk Cord Necklace


                               And take a look at some of our nice stuff...


                                                              Silk Cord Necklace


Silk Cord Necklace          Silk cord necklace




 Our objective as a company is to provide our customers with the most beautiful and artfully created pieces of fashion jewelry. We believe that a great piece of jewelry should highlight a woman’s beauty and make people think “she looks stunning!” every time she walks into a room. This is the “test” that we make all our products undertake before they are included in our catalog.