Stores sell evil eye

Stores sell evil eye

                   Interested in evil eye charms?

We sell evil eyes bracelets, necklaces, amulets an some other cute stuff in our store! 


               Stores sell evil eye                             Stores sell evil eye

Martinuzzi Accessories is a store that sell evil eye jewelry

The main property of the Turkish Evil Eye according to ancient cultures is to protect the wearer from a powerful glance which can produce different harms to the person. This is known as the evil eye curse, and it can appear when someone looks with jealousy or malice to another person. This can attract bad luck or even diverse calamities.

The nazar has been found in many cultures from Egypt and Greece to Afghanistan, Iran, Bulgaria, and, of course, Turkey. The first recorded Turkish Evil Eye was found on a clay tablet from Mesopotamia, and it became a tradition amongst several Asian societies.

 Turkish Evil Eye can also be found in small and delicate glass beads painted by hand. Under this presentation, it receives the name ofnazar boncuğu, or evil eye bead. These can be added to cute bracelets and other popular jewelry. Choose your prefered one and take with you the magic sensation of luck and protection.


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Stores sell evil eye