Stores that sell Evil Eye

Stores that sell Evil Eye

Evil eyes, lucky eyes charms!

Come to the Falls shopping center at kendall, Miami, Fl and choose your favorite lucky charms. We have bracelets, necklaces, rings, amulets and more..

Take a look at our Turkish collection, cute and beautiful stuff made in Sterling Silver, Gold plated, stainless stell , brass and some others materials.

Among the stores that sell evil eye, we have one  of the most beautiful fashion jewelry pieces.


                          Stores that sell Evil Eye               Stores that sell Evil Eye


                           Come on!  Shop with us at The falls shopping center

                                                               Martinuzzi Accessories Store

  Stores that sell Evil EyeStores that sell Evil EyeStores that sell Evil Eye

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Stores that sell Evil Eye

Martinuzzi accessories is a Miami-based fashion jewelry store that specializes in handmade jewelry. Our founder, Patricia Martinuzzi, is an avid fashion lover who gathers amazing pieces of jewelry from all corners of the world. All pieces are carefully selected to reflect the most current fashion trends in France, Turkey, Spain,Serbia, Italy, Greece, and the Americas.