Opal hamsa hand Necklace

Opal Hamsa Hand Necklace

Have you ever worrn an opal hamsa hand necklace? or a Hamsa Hand pendant necklace? What about a bracelet with an oriental charm? Many of the shapes we wear daily carry meanings which can differ from one culture to the other. Some have religious roots, while others derive from tradition or myths.

Opal hamsa hand Necklace



  • The Hamsa Hand: perhaps the most popular of all the talismans, this trendy amulet comes from Middle East cultures, and shows a small symmetrical hand which is believed to bring prosperity and protection to its wearer.
  • Hamsa Hand Is considered a good luck amulet.

Opal hamsa necklace

In Martinuzzi we have a wide variety of Hamsa Hand models, materials and colors:

opal hamsa hand necklaceopal hamsa hand necklace

Choose your favorite kind of chain color: Gold plated sterling silver, Rose gold sterling silver, natural sterling silver, fishing line floating illusion or silk string of your favorite color.





opal hamsa hand necklace  opal hamsa hand necklaceopal hamsa hand necklace

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