5 common makeup mistakes you might be making

  • Sol Rivero

As any woman and stylist will tell you, doing your makeup is an art. Today we tell you all about 5 common mistakes you might be making and how to avoid them, so your makeup will look natural, fresh and professional.


Common makeup mistake #5: Applying foundation incorrectly

Many woman use the wrong shade of foundation, put too much foundation to their faces, or apply foundation on dry skin. To avoid these common mistakes, first pick a shade of foundation suitable to your skin tone by tasting it on the back of your hand. If it blends with your skin, then it will be the correct shade. Then, moisturize your face and apply foundation on your skin. Foundation brings out lines and imperfections, so make sure you use only a light layer.  


Common makeup mistake #4: Drawing the eyebrows with a pencil

Filling up your eyebrows with a pencil to give it a heavy look makes them seem fake and shabby. Instead of a pencil, use a thin and stiff brush, and a shade of eye-shadow similar to your hair color. Fill them up carefully and remember not to over-tweeze your eyebrows.


Common makeup mistake #3: Using the wrong concealer

To cover the dark bags under their eyes, women employ concealer, but sometimes the tone is too light, creating white and shiny circles which bring attention to the area instead of making it look natural. To avoid this mistake, use a concealer that is only one shade lighter than your skin, apply a light layer, and then add another thin layer of foundation.  


Common makeup mistake #2: Applying blush or bronzer incorrectly

Many women try to contour their faces using too much blush or bronzer on their cheeks, so they end up looking like porcelain dolls or clowns. To apply blush properly, smile and add a light layer above the apples of your cheeks. To apply bronzer, suck in your cheeks and add a thin layer following the cheekbone and blending it with the rest of your skin.


Common makeup mistake #1: Highlighting too many parts of your face

Some women tend to color their eyes and lips with dark makeup, highlighting both of them at the same time. This often creates an overwhelming look, making both parts compete for attention. Choose which part you want to highlight, and contrast it with a more natural look on the other.


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November 11, 2013

Sol Rivero.  


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