The Evil Eye bracelet: a lucky amulet for a lucky year!

The Evil Eye bracelet: a lucky amulet for a lucky year!

  • Sol Rivero

Every New Year fills us with a promise of improvement and stability, and after such a turbulent time, we strive to write a more peaceful and fulfilling chapter for 2016.

Since the dawn of mankind, humanity has learned that a great way to attract fortune and positive vibes is to carry good luck amulets which have been infused with good intentions. Talismans and amulets are powerful images we can use to invite blessings and ward us off from ill will, and one of the most popular is the evil eye bracelet.

Here are some incredible facts that will make you want to add an evil eye bracelet to your jewelry collection:

Why should I wear an Evil Eye bracelet?

evil eye braceletA common belief is that our eyes can transmit either good or bad energy towards the things we look at, and bad emotions such as jealousy or ill-wishes can cause a lot of harm when they reach other people or things.
Many Mediterranean and native cultures believe our eyes have incredible and often undiscovered powers, and some civilizations would often consume the eyes of their loved ones or even their enemies, hoping their strength would be passed on to their own bodies.

An Evil Eye bracelet is a perfect protection against these bad intentions. This talisman shows a small eye that stares back at the person looking at you, casting a protective aura around you.     

What’s the best Evil Eye bracelet for me? 

It all depends on your personality and style. Discover your match for 2016:

- For a young and adventurous girl: an Evil Eye bracelet with an adjustable red string cord.

- For a classy business woman: a gold filled Evil Eye stretch bracelet.

- For an elegant, fashion-forward woman: a sterling silver Evil Eye bracelet with a Hamsa Hand


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