How to take care of your scarves

  • Sol Rivero

Scarves are fashionable necessities for the Fall/Winter seasons, but do you know how to take care of them to avoid wrinkles or get rid of spots? Check out these essential tips and make sure you store and clean your scarves properly.


Care tips for scarves #5: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions

Most scarves will carry a small label which will let you know what you can or can´t do to your scarf when it comes to wash it by hand or washing machine, ironing it, using a dryer, etc. Pay close attention to these instructions. 


Care tips for scarves #4: Use cool water with just a little detergent

If you’re cleaning your scarf by hand, make sure you use cool water and a mild detergent or a little soap. Don’t wring the fabric too aggressively, and let it rest for 20 minutes inside the water before rinsing it.  



Care tips for scarves #3: Use a flat surface for drying your scarf

Avoid using a dryer or hanging your scarves to dry them. Opt for extending them on top of a towel and drying it by rolling them inside of it. Avoid ironing them.



Care tips for scarves #2: Treat silk carefully

Silk scarves are very delicate. To preserve the color, add a small amount of salt to some warm water and let it rest. Then, place the scarf inside a bowl with cool water and distilled white vinegar to keep the fabric shiny. Rinse it out by squeezing it lightly.



Care tips for scarves #1: Store your scarf properly

Store your scarves away from sunlight and dust using a plastic container, a carrier that preserves its’ shape, or by hanging them inside a closet.



How do you take care of your scarves? Let us know!


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