Ultimate guide for going shopping

  • Sol Rivero

Need a new item to spice up your closet? Before going to the mall or a fashion event, check out the tips we’ve compiled in this ultimate guide for going shopping!


Tip for going shopping #5: Check out your closet

Try to think which of the clothes and outfits you own feel incomplete or could be improved with a new accessory. Then, make a list of the things you need so you won’t get distracted when you go shopping. It’s okay to get something you didn’t need, but that ensemble that seemed incomplete will remain that way.


Tip for going shopping #4: Set a budget

To avoid spending too much, set a limit on the money you can allow yourself to invest on your clothes. If you can, carry the money in cash instead of using your cards so you won’t overindulge.


Tip for going shopping #3: Visit different stores

Before buying anything, check out the items of different stores and make a mental list of those you liked the most. Then, take a moment to rest and decide which of them you really need, and return to the stores to get them.


Tip for going shopping #2: Go with someone with a critical eye

Most of the time shopping alone allows you to do it faster, but if you want to know if something fits your body and looks good on you take a brutally-honest friend. You can share ideas and know how others will see you.


Tip for going shopping #1: Dress comfortably

Since you’ll probably be walking around a lot and trying many different outfits, choose comfortable shoes and loose and fresh clothes. Also, avoid too much layering, since it will take you longer to pull them off and try out the things you find at the store.


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November 22, 2013

Sol Rivero.