Christmas Gifts Guide: Presents for men

  • Sol Rivero

Looking for the perfect gift for your father, boyfriend, brother or best friend? In our first day of Christmas Gifts Guides we’re suggesting perfect presents for men according to their personality! Check it out!



Christmas Gifts for men: Gamer, geek or music/movie/TV- lover

Presents for these kind of friends are very tricky. You must pay close attention to their likes and dislikes, and since they tend to collect and buy a lot of stuff, it’s very hard to find something they don’t already own. Thematic shirts, collectibles or subscription cards for games, magazines, music or TV-shows, are great options for them.



Christmas Gifts for men: Fashion-lover or Sports-lover

For both types of men, clothes tend to be a very appropriate solution. A shirt with the logo of the sport-lover’s favorite team, or a fashionable item from the fashion-lover’s favorite brands or stores are the best options. For something a little less troublesome, a grooming kit would work for both.     



Christmas Gifts for men: Business man or professional

A working-man will always appreciate something he can show off, such as an elegant jacket, tie, cufflinks, a wristwatch or a perfume. You can also pamper them a little with a bottle of his favorite liquor, a box of cigars, or something linked to their personal hobbies.  



Are you ready to buy the gift of the men in your life?


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December 9, 2013

Sol Rivero.