3 makeup suggestions for the Holidays

  • Sol Rivero

For an office Christmas gathering, a New Year's Eve party or just staying home with your family, these 3 makeup suggestions based on the Winter fashion runways will make you look spectacular and stylish during the Holidays. Check them out and make sure to give them a try!



Makeup suggestion for the Holidays #3: Elegant and regal

This look is very easy to pull off: just use an earthy or pale eye-shadow and a very dark and dramatic lipstick, fill your eyebrows to make them look fuller and trace a cat-eye with dark or white eye-liner. You can wear this makeup everywhere and look absolutely gorgeous!



Makeup suggestion for the Holidays #2: Sensual and dramatic

For a heavier look, use a palette of black, grey and metallic shades, make your lashes look extra-long and wear pale or nude lips.



Makeup suggestion for the Holidays #1: Winter chic

For a fun and season-appropriate look, use white eye-shadow and pale lips. You can add a little bit of black eyeliner to accentuate the shape of your eyes, and make it extra special adding some glitter or making your eyelashes look longer.



Which of these would you wear?


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December 13, 2013

Sol Rivero.