Things you must know about vegan fashion

  • Sol Rivero

The release of a video showing how bunnies are tortured during the harvesting of angora fur has made some of the biggest brands in the industry halt their production of items which contain it. However, angora is not the only product that derives from tortured animals, which is why today we’re telling you some things you must know about vegan fashion, so you can stop supporting industries which harm the wildlife.


What is vegan fashion?

“Vegan fashion” is the name given to fashion products which avoid using materials that derive from animals, like skins or furs, just like a vegan diet avoids the consumption of animals or products supplied by them (for example: dairy products).

The concern from animals’ wellbeing derives from independent investigations in which it was discovered that the fur and food industry injure animals, subjecting them to tortuous practices and even endangering the survival of their species.


Which products should I avoid for a vegan fashion?

The main products to avoid are: leather, silk, fur, alligator skin, snake skin, kangaroo skin, suede, wool, angora, pashmina, cashmere, shearling, camel hair, mohair, alpaca and fleece. Many of these items are stripped from living animals –like furs and skins-, while others are harvested by killing them –like silk.

To replace these products opt for synthetic items, faux furs and plant textiles, like cotton, polyester, rayon, nylon, denim and linen.



How can I know if the brand or designer harms animals?

Many designers and stores are either fully vegan or have fur-free programs. The best way to know how they treat animals is to check out their policies and the tags of their items, or directly question them about which kind of products they use.

Brands such as H&M, Kenneth Cole, Forever 21, Macy’s, Target, and designers such as Stella McCartney, have fashionable vegan options for the animal-friendly fashion lovers.



What do you think about vegan fashion?


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December 17, 2013

Sol Rivero.