DIY – Valentine’s Day Jar of Hearts Gift Wrap Idea

  • Sol Rivero

We’re getting ready for Valentine’s Day with a fun and easy gift wrap idea! Give your boyfriend, girlfriend or good friend a lovely jar of hearts full of small presents to celebrate the universal day of love and friendship!

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Check out the detailed instructions ahead!



Valentine’s Day Jar of Hearts - Materials

Look around your house for these few items:

  • An empty glass jar
  • Red fabric
  • Red or pink ribbon
  • Heart-shaped cookie-cutters
  • Scissors
  • Liquid silicone glue or a glue gun
  • Small gifts




Valentine’s Day Jar of Hearts – Instructions

Step 1: Create the heart-shaped bags

Cut a piece of the red fabric and draw several pairs of hearts with a pen or pencil, using the cookie-cutters. Remember to take into consideration the size of the gifts you’ll be wrapping. This DIY project is perfect for small candies, little ornaments, earrings, bracelets, rings and cute pendants.

After drawing all the hearts, cut the pieces and take one of each pair. Then, fold it and cut a large slit in the middle and two smaller openings at both sides of it. The larger slit will help you insert the gift in the bag, while the smaller slits will help you keep it shut. Make sure that the smaller slits are only a couple of millimeters away from the central opening, otherwise the heart will wrinkle.

To finish the bags, place a small amount of glue at the borders of one of the hearts and press it on the other. Let it dry. Repeat the process with each pair.


Step 2: Wrap the gift

Now that the heart-shaped bags are done, insert the gifts inside through the large slits. After all the gifts are safe inside their bags, take some ribbon and pass it through the smaller slits. Both ends of the ribbon must remain outside the bag. Make a small bow and cut the excess of the strap.

You can decorate your heart-shaped bags with any material you desire: lace, buttons, glitter, paint…get creative and personalize your gift.  



Step 3: Create the jar

You can decorate the jar to your liking. In ours, we’ve placed some colorful tissue paper inside and then added the hearts so they look as if they’re floating. You can also use decorative stones, silk or any other fabric in a contrasting shade, to create the illusion. Cut a circle of the red fabric and place it on top of the jar, then use more ribbon to tie it neatly at the top.

You’re done! Your jar of heart-shaped gift bags is complete!


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