5 gift ideas for March birthdays

  • Sol Rivero

Those born during March tend to be loving, sensitive and bold people, which is why today we give you 5 gift ideas for March birthdays that are certain to make your friends and loved ones happy on their special day.


Gift idea for March birthdays #5: A motivational object

Those born on March tend to be extremely driven individuals with plenty of plans. You can help support their ambitions with something that motivates them every day: a book with inspirational quotes, a biography or biopic of a successful individual, a framed image with an inspiring message…Any object or ornament that can help spur your friend’s imagination will most certainly be a welcomed gift.


Gift idea for March birthdays #4: Floral ornaments

March is usually the first month of spring in the northern hemisphere, so if your friend is into season changes and decorations, a beautiful floral ornament will be the perfect gift. This month’s official birth flower is the daffodil, so a bouquet of these plants will be a great present. If your friend is more into fashion, you can also opt for a lovely floral accessory: floral hoop earrings, a cuff bracelet with a floral design, or a necklace with floral details…are perfect selections for the upcoming season.


Gift idea for March birthdays #3: A diary or scrapbook

March babies are daydreamers by nature. They spend most of their time thinking on how to fulfill their plans and creating ideal scenarios in their heads. A great way of helping them is by giving them an object in which they can organize their thoughts and dreams: a cute diary, a lovely notebook, a sketchbook, or even a handmade scrapbook…are great items which they can personalize and fill with all their ideas and designs.  


Gift idea for March birthdays #2: Aquamarine accessories

The official birthstone for March is the aquamarine, a beautiful gemstone with a blue-green color. If you’re looking for a great birthday gift which your friend can wear all the time, then accessories with the aquamarine gemstone or hue are perfect: an aquamarine tie for him, or a cute purse with aquamarine tones for her…are perfect options for a thoughtful and fashionable gift. If you prefer something less conventional, the second official birthstone, the bloodstone, is also a great alternative.


Gift idea for March birthdays #1: A fun trip

Although March babies can tend to enjoy solitude a lot, they’re also highly caring and relish on good company. Gather your group of friends and take the birthday boy or girl on a fun adventure. What they’ll love will depend on their tastes: while some will love the adrenaline rush of a paintball fight, some will love going to a new city or country, and others will consider a nice dinner with buddies a great way of celebrating. Most March folks enjoy cultural or spiritual events, so consider taking them on a unique adventure they’ll remember for a lifetime.  


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