Top decorating trends for 2014

  • Sol Rivero

Did you know changing your ambience can improve your mood and health? Well, if you’re thinking on doing some renovating, then check out the top decorating trends for 2014 so you can get some new ideas of what to try.


Decorating trend for 2014 #5: Colorful furniture

Forget about muted tones, or typical combinations of wood and glass. For this year, the décor trends dictate furniture, walls and even doors should be treated as statement pieces with bold colors. Chairs, bed posts, bookshelves, kitchen furniture…give them all a new spin with a bright and unique color palette, and don’t be afraid to mix hues. This is also a perfect opportunity to not waste old, worn ornaments or furniture, and instead spray paint them or reupholster them with dashing fabrics.

If you’re into something a little tamer, traditional upholstery, pastel wallpapers and light colored wood are still in for 2014.



Decorating trend for 2014 #4: Vintage

Out with the old? Not anymore! Since fashion has been adding vintage inspired accessories and clothes to the collections, it was only logical it would also be incorporated into home décor. This is the perfect chance to check out antique stores, garage sales and thrift stores for the perfect piece to complement your design.

It’s also a great opportunity for rescuing old ornaments you might have been storing for years. That old wooden chair your grandma loved? The old Chinese vase your mother used to keep around? They’re back in fashion for 2014!


Decorating trend for 2014 #3: Metallic accents

Just like metallic jewelry is everywhere for the next seasons, it has also managed to tiptoe its way into home décor. For this year, metallic furniture and ornaments are the must-have for making your house look both chic and glamorous. Although silver has been a very popular color, earthy tones such as gold and brass have turned into major favorites for this year, adorning everything: from curtains to picture frames.

This trend also finds the perfect complement with decorations and furniture which contain gemstones or wood, creating a very rustic and homey look for your ambience. Ornaments with agate stones and wooden furniture in lighter tones, are both in vogue for this year.


Decorating trend for 2014 #2: Floral details

Again, fashion and home décor collide! The floral print that has been dominating the runways during the latest seasons has made its way into the decorating trends for 2014. Tapestries, curtains and upholstery with floral graphics are in. They’re perfect for decorating cushions, and they can be mixed with other prints for a unique look.

If you’re looking for something a little different, then tribal prints or the wavy patterns from the Indian dhurries –a type of floor covering- might just be what you need.


Decorating trend for 2014 #1: Rich colors

Forget about boring shades of white and beige. The top decorating trend for 2014 consists in bold colors such as hot pink, bright pastels, gemstone hues, and the main favorites: yellow, turquoise and this year’s radiant orchid. These eye-catching shades have been everywhere: from painted furniture to ornaments, cushions, rugs, curtains, wallpaper and more.

If you prefer something a little more subdued, you can still opt for muted and elegant tones such as gray, black and navy. Together or separate, this colors will work perfectly for giving a more glamorous look to your rooms.


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