Prom 2014 Fashion Trends

  • Sol Rivero

Celebrate your prom with style! Forget all about boring or classic gowns. Here are the main fashion trends for 2014 you should know. Check them out and pick the best dress and accessories combination to suit your style!


Prom 2014 Fashion Trend #5: High-low dresses

One of the fashion trends that has been increasingly popular during the latest seasons, have been dresses with high-low hemlines. These beautiful gowns are comfortable and chic, and are perfect for showing off your legs while remaining classy with a low skirt at the back. For spring and fall, the trend can be combined with the use of tight pants underneath the dress in a contrasting color, thus creating a very unique and stylish look.

To complement a high-low dress, use accessories in metallic or muted tones. Remember: the dress should be the center of attention, so balance it out wisely.


Prom 2014 Fashion Trend #4: Sheer

The sheer trend isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, and it’s one of the favorites for the Prom 2014 season. Look for a body-con dress with details in lace, or opt for a gown with an A-line skirt combined with a body-hugging top with cap-sleeves, halter necks, or fully covered arms. Since lace is quite eye-catching, make sure you complement it with simple accessories: Art Deco jewelry, metallic accessories with filigrees or crystals are great options.

You can also opt for dresses with cutouts: they’re perfect for creating a sensual and unique silhouette. One-shoulder dresses and exposed backs are still in for this year’s Prom season. 


Prom 2014 Fashion Trend #3: Full embroidery

Want to stand out amongst the crowd? You can achieve it for the Prom 2014 season with gorgeous shiny dresses. Full embroidery is the perfect way of adding a glamorous spin to your outfit: details in sequins and crystals on their own or combined with lace, are the favorites for this year. If you prefer something a little less eye-catching, you can also opt for dresses with only a few details in embroidery like necklines, corsets or cap sleeves.

To complement a dress with embroidery, you can either opt for a few details of metallic jewelry such as a statement ring or a floral brooch, or consider letting your dress shine on its own.


Prom 2014 Fashion Trend #2: Pastel shades

One of the main fashion trends for the Prom 2014 season are soft colors: nude tones and pastels are in vogue for the perfect prom dress. The favorite hues are coral, mint, white, periwinkle and pink. This trend can be perfectly complemented with details in lace or embroidery, or you can add accessories in statement colors to produce a dashing effect.

If you prefer something a little bolder, then try the classic statement shades of the season: black, navy or red, and combine them with jewelry with pearls or crystals for a glamorous look. 


Prom 2014 Fashion Trend #1: Crop tops

Yes, the 90’s are back! And crop tops are not only the must-have fashion pieces for your daily outfits, but they can also work to create great and bold fashion statements for the Prom 2014 season. From a crop top and skirt combination with matching lace or embroidery, to independent pieces with contrasting prints and designs, these 90’s fashion items are making a big comeback for the current year.

To create a chic and fun look, try colorful chunky jewelry, or give your outfit an elegant spin with chain necklaces or pearl drop earrings


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