5 great gift ideas for April birthdays

  • Sol Rivero

The fourth month of the year has now begun! To celebrate, today we give you 5 great gift ideas for April birthdays, so you can get your loved ones the perfect present for their special day.


Gift idea for April birthdays #5: A spa set

Those born during April tend to be very hard working, usually placing a lot of effort to fulfill their goals and dreams. A great gift idea to pamper someone born during April, is to give them a luxurious spa set so they can relax at home. You’ll find a wide variety of gift baskets with spa sets available, so make sure you pick something with fragrances your loved one will enjoy. Since we’re at the beginning of spring, you can try looking for organic spa sets with fruit or floral ingredients.

You can also go a little further and get them a gift certificate or gift card for a local spa. However, keep in mind they might have an expiration date, so your friend might not get to use it. Only opt for this possibility if you know the person’s calendar, or if it’s a date for two so you can go too.


Gift idea for April birthdays #4: A unique adventure

Most people born during April are very entertaining and energetic folks. They enjoy spending time with their friends and simply having fun, and they love knowing new people and places. A great gift idea for them is to take them on a trip or an interesting adventure: how about going to a beach they don’t know? Or what about trying an activity like paintball, pottery making or surfing?

Think of an exciting activity you can try and gather your group of friends for a day they’ll enjoy.


Gift idea for April birthdays #3: A spiritual item

April babies love activities which involve physicality: running, dancing, creating crafts…but they also have deeply spiritual roots. They’re usually attracted to mystical or religious ideas, and some of them even have inclinations for the paranormal. Get them something accordingly: a philosophy book, a horror film, a pendant with a protective talisman or a religious icon…The sky is the limit!

You can also spur their spirituality with something motivational: a book of quotes or an inspiring film might be a great gift idea for an April born.


Gift idea for April birthdays #2: Shiny accessories

April has probably the shiniest official birthstone of all: the diamond! However, not everyone can afford an item with this expensive gemstone. But don’t be discouraged! Substitute diamonds with combinations of glistening crystals, brushed glass beads or even cute rhinestones, and give your loved one an affordable yet elegant gift.

Clear and white are the favorite hues for the month, but you can try items with pastel shades for something a little more unique and fun.


Gift idea for April birthdays #1: A floral fragrance

Is there a better way for preparing your loved one for the new season than with a new perfume? A great gift idea for an April born is a fragrance with floral undertones. The month’s official birth flowers are the Sweet Pea and the Daisy, which represent modesty and gracefulness; so see if you can find a soft eau with one or both of this elements.

If your loved one isn’t too into mellow and sweet smells, then you can also try fragrances with citrus components. Although they’re usually worn during the summer, they’ll work perfectly for the spring season, too.


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