Fashion inspiration: 6 chic music videos from the 90’s

  • Sol Rivero

Crop tops, slip dresses, chokers, denim…it’s official: the 90’s fashion is back for 2014! To help you recreate this decade’s flawless style, here is our top of the 6 chic music videos from the 90’s which will give you all the fashion inspiration you need.

This songs marked a decade with their catchy tunes and extravagant outfits. Check them out!


Chic music video from the 90’s #6: Honey, by Mariah Carey

In 1997, music diva Mariah Carey decided to give a change to her image, and came up with a very different and sensual look which she showed in the music video for Honey, the main single of her album Butterfly. Her outfits range from sexy slip dresses to combinations of short skirts and crop tops in neutral shades, complemented with minimalistic accessories


Chic music video from the 90’s #5: Only happy when it rains, by Garbage

Knee-high leather combat boots, a simple pastel-colored dress, sheer tights, large rings and eye-catching, dramatic makeup…this successful single by the band Garbage embodies the grunge-rock fashion of the 90’s perfectly! For 2014, make sure you add to your wardrobe clothes in bright pastels and lots of faux leather complements.


Chic music video from the 90’s #4: Don’t speak, by No Doubt

Gwen Stefani and her band were an important part of the grunge movement during the 90’s, and this sweet break-up ballad was one of their most successful singles of the decade. Gwen manages to make long dotted dresses, large cuff bracelets, layered metallic necklaces, dark lipstick, and even sporty crop tops…look extra glamorous. If you want an edgy look for this year, this video has the perfect fashion inspiration for you!


Chic music video from the 90’s #3: Spice up your life, by Spice Girls

This all-female band which captured everyone’s hearts during the 90’s released plenty of videos which set fashion trends for an entire generation. One of their most popular creations, Spice up your life, shows different styles which soon became a worldwide success. The outrageous fashion covers most of the 90’s trends: slip dresses, sheer outfits, animal prints, metallic rings, statement chokers, leather clothes and, of course, plenty of crop tops!


Chic music video from the 90’s #2: Genie in a bottle, by Christina Aguilera

Considered the 2nd Princess of Pop from the 90’s, Christina Aguilera debuted with the single Genie in a Bottle in 1999 and soon became increasingly popular. When it comes to the fashion, the video shows some of the 90’s staples: crop tops, fringes, a lot of denim and also lots of clothes in bright warm colors. Check out the all-natural look, with makeup in almost nude tones and sporty outfits.


Chic music video from the 90’s #1: Baby one more time, by Britney Spears

This single, released in January of 1999, skyrocketed Britney Spears carrier and quickly turned her into the beloved Princess of Pop of the world. Check out the use of sporty outfits, bright-colored crop tops, braids and double-pierced earrings…Do they ring a bell? Well, for 2014, make sure you add a few crop tops and sport-inspired pants to your closet: you’ll need them for this Spring/Summer season!


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