Top 10 great mothers from famous movies

  • Sol Rivero

Mother’s Day is coming soon! If you’re looking for some films to enjoy with your mom during this wonderful holiday, then this list is for you. Today, we’ve ranked some of the greatest mothers from famous movies in a top 10, so if you’re thinking about having a marathon with yours this Sunday, then here are a few films you should probably check out!

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Great mother from a famous movie #10: Jackie from Stepmom (1998)

Although she’s initially jealous of her ex-husband’s new and younger girlfriend –played by the lovely Julia Roberts-, Jackie (Susan Sarandon) must learn to place her own distrust aside as she prepares her children for a new life without her after discovering she’s terminally ill. Jackie is strong, hotheaded, but ultimately selfless, as she puts her children’s needs before her own.


Great mother from a famous movie #9: Lyla from August Rush (2007)

After a romantic rendezvous with a rock singer (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), musician Lyla (Keri Russell) is forced to part with him by her controlling father while pregnant. Then, she’s separated with her child when her father tells her the baby died, leaving her soulless and unable to play music again. But a hunch tells her that her child is alive, and thus she takes control and uses music to try to gain him back.


Great mother from a famous movie #8: Rusty from Mask (1985)

Although hardly perfect, “Rusty” (Cher) is the benevolent and abnegate mother of “Rocky” (Eric Stoltz), a young man born with a skull deformity. Rusty is part of a gang and is struggling with drug addiction and destructive relationships, but nothing can stand in her way of being the most faithful and loving mother for her special son.


Great mother from a famous movie #7: Donna from Mamma mia! (2008)

Donna (Meryl Streep) is the mother of a beautiful girl (Amanda Seyfried) who is about to get married, but she’s never told her who her father is. As her daughter contacts three of Donna’s old flames and invites them to her wedding, Donna must face her past and her scars for the sake of her child. A fun, loving mother, Donna is willing to sacrifice everything for her daughter.


Great mother from a famous movie #6: Rosemary from Rosemary’s baby (1968)

Rosemary (Mia Farrow) is one half of a young married couple which moves into a new place to begin their own family. Soon, Rosemary is pregnant, but a series of supernatural events begin haunting her, and she is suspicious of her neighbors’ unusual interest in her baby. An abnegate mother, Rosemary will fight with teeth and nails to defend her newborn from the dark influences surrounding her.


Great mother from a famous movie #5: Elastigirl from The Incredibles (2004)

Brave, honest, hardworking and incredibly goodhearted, Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) is a former superhero who has now settled into her role as the doting mother of three. However, when the moment requires it, she doesn’t shy away from wearing her old uniform to rescue her children from the villainous Syndrome (Jason Lee) after he captures her husband in a remote island.


Great mother from a famous movie #4: Queen Elinor Brave (2012)

Another great mother from an animated feature, Queen Elinor (Emma Thompson) is the matriarch of her family and mother of the reckless Merida (Kelly Macdonald) and some resourceful triplets. After having a strained relationship with her daughter, Elinor must learn how to listen to her child’s desires while also fulfilling her duties as Queen.


Great mother from a famous movie #3: Molly Weasley from the Harry Potter franchise (2001-2009)

One of the most beloved mothers from modern literature and film, Mrs. Weasley (Julie Walters) is the strong yet kindhearted matriarch of the Weasley family. Mother of seven, Molly has no problem making herself heard, and can be somewhat overprotective of her children. She also extends her love and care to their friends, making her the perfect substitute mother to the hero of the franchise, the orphaned Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe).


Great mother from a famous movie #2: Sarah Connor from The Terminator (1984) and Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

Mothers are always willing to risk their own life to save their children from any danger, and Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) is not the exception. This resilient single mother must protect her son, John, from his impending doom, after he’s chased by murderous cyborgs from the future who want to keep him from ultimately saving mankind.


Great mother from a famous movie #1: Christine Collins from Changeling (2008)

Occupying our top spot is the heart-breaking story of Christine Collins -played by Angelina Jolie-, a single mother whose son is kidnapped by a child murderer in 1928. After the police tries to cover up the public’s outrage by presenting her with a child who is not her son, Christine dares to fight the police’s intimidation as she remains firm in finding out the truth about her son’s disappearance.



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