The best bangs for your face shape

  • Sol Rivero

A new haircut can change our entire appearance, and bangs are a common favorite for achieving a youthful and fun look. However, picking the right kind of fringe is essential, which is why today we bring you a comprehensive guide to help you select the best bangs for your face shape. Read on and discover which type of fringes will look great on you, and which of them you should definitely avoid.


The best bangs for square faces

If your jaw is as wide as your cheekbones, and your jaw is angular, then you have a square face. For this shape, you must pick bangs which help you soften your angles. The best bangs for your face shape are long, thick and layered. You’ll look great with bangs that fall a little under your eyebrows and are longer at the sides than in the middle.


What to avoid: bangs with a blunt cut, since it will make your face look more angular.


The best bangs for round faces

If your jaw is as wide as your cheekbones, yet your jaw is round and not angular, then you have a round face. Instead of trying to soften your angles like people with square faces, you should actually try to create them so your face looks longer. The best bangs for your face shape are either a short and curved fringe, or long, side-swept layered bangs.


What to avoid: thick and blunt bangs, since they’ll need a lot of prepping to achieve the proper look.


The best bangs for heart-shaped faces

If your forehead is wider than your jaw, and you have a long and pointy chin, then you have a heart-shaped face. You’ll need to balance the bottom of your face with the top, which is why the best bangs for your face shape consist in long side-swept fringes which direct the eyes towards the bottom, or thick, layered and curved bangs.


What to avoid: too-short bangs, since they’ll accentuate the wideness of your forehead.


The best bangs for long faces

If you have a large forehead and a long jaw, then you have a long face. The best bangs for this face shape are those which manage to break the length and make it look shorter or balanced. Look for long, side-swept fringes; thick and blunt bangs which fall on your eyebrows, or a long and layered fringe which falls on your cheekbones.


What to avoid: not wearing bangs, since your face will look extremely long.


The best bangs for oval faces

If your face is longer than it is wide, and you have a large forehead, then you have an oval face. People with this type of face are extremely lucky, since they can wear almost any kind of bangs. However, the best bangs for your face shape are long bangs which fall between your eyebrows and eyelashes, since they’ll accentuate your angles and you’ll be able to style them to the side or simply fall on your forehead.



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