What to wear to a Summer Music Festival

  • Sol Rivero

Coachella has passed us by, but many other great festivals are about to be held in the U.S. during July and August. If you’re going for the first time, or if you simply want to avoid looking too extravagant, then check out our tips on what to wear to a Summer Music Festival.


Tip on what to wear to a Summer Music Festival #4: Headgear

Floral crowns and feathers have become extremely popular, but most of the times they’ll simply make you look too overstated and clichéd. Instead, simply opt for a good floppy hat which will actually protect your face from the sun, and complement it with a pair of cute sunglasses.

For the perfect Summer Music Festival hair, simply let it fall loosely on your back, and use your fingers or an iron to create waves with your locks.


Tip on what to wear to a Summer Music Festival #3: Accessories

Accessories are the key to make any outfit the reflection of your personality, especially when people more or less look the same during these events. For the chic and youthful girl, opt for colorful stacked bracelets and a bright tribal necklace. For the more elegant and stylish woman, a metallic cuff bracelet and a chain necklace will do just fine.

To complement your look, opt for a statement handbag that allows you to carry your possessions with style. And remember: simplicity is essential.


Tip on what to wear to a Summer Music Festival #2: Shoes

When it comes to Summer Music Festivals there’s a simple rule you should always follow: wear comfy, non-expensive shoes. Why? Well, most music festivals take place in places full of dirt and moist which will certainly take their toll on your shoes, so skip wearing your most expensive shoes and go for something that allows you to walk and stand up for long periods of time.

You can opt for low-heeled ankle boots, or perhaps a pair of cute sandals. However, always remember to opt for breathable materials, and cover your feet with sunscreen if they’re exposed.


Tip on what to wear to a Summer Music Festival #1: Clothes

The key to dress properly for a Summer Music Festival is to opt for something comfortable and simple. Bright colors, neutrals and full-patterned outfits are very common during these events. Loose shirts with denim shorts, or comfy maxi-dresses, are the two most popular options.

To make your outfit a little more fashionable, as well as protecting your skin from the sunlight, simply opt for creating layers of breathable clothes. However, remember not to go overboard! Too many layers can suffocate you under the scalding sun, so keep it simple.



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