Daily activities that can keep your brain healthy

  • Sol Rivero

In our society, we often focus in taking care of our body by watching our weight, eating right and getting enough exercise, and although these activities are related to an active and healthy brain, there are also a few other simple practices that can help us avoid problems such as memory loss and other complications.

Keep your mind sharp by incorporating these daily activities that can keep your brain healthy into your routine!


Daily activity that can keep your brain healthy #6: Taking care of your body

As mentioned before, regular exercise and a healthy diet aren’t only important for a good appearance, but they’re also vital for keeping a healthy brain. Aerobic exercises are especially good for the brain, since they increase blood flow, release endorphins, and increase white matter, which produces the link between brain cells.

Also, a healthy diet rich in antioxidants, omega-3 acids, high fiber and moderate amounts of fat and protein, will keep your brain healthy by washing away dangerous chemicals and sending a steady flow of energy to the brain.


Daily activity that can keep your brain healthy #5: Relaxing

Living in a permanent state of stress can be incredibly prejudicial to your mind, since anxiety releases harmful chemicals that can affect your memory by obstructing the growth of brain cells. If you want to have a sharp mind, you have to invest time in helping your body and mind relax. Activities such as meditation and yoga are great options for giving your brain a rest.

Also, invest some time in hobbies and activities that make you feel good, since they’ll keep your brain active and improve your mood.


Daily activity that can keep your brain healthy #4: Socializing

Another great activity for improving your mood while also engaging your brain in a healthy activity is socializing. Talking and having fun with your buddies is great for improving your memory and it will also help relaxing you.

If you and your pals also get involved in stimulating activities, such as games, reading in a book club or attending lectures, then the benefits will be even more pronounced.


Daily activity that can keep your brain healthy #3: Training your senses

A great and easy way to keep your brain sharp is by using all your senses throughout the day. For example, simply putting on perfume wakes up your sense of smell, sending signals to your brain and thus keeping it active.

Activities that involve many different senses and engaging them in something new, will help keep your brain stimulated, which is great for your memory.


Daily activity that can keep your brain healthy #2: Sleeping

Do you have a tendency to sleep for only a few hours and during irregular cycles? That might be hurting your brain more than you think. Important processes are occurring while we sleep, such as your brain cleansing and organizing your memories, as well as repairing and producing links between brain cells. When you don’t sleep enough or well, these vital processes are obstructed.

This can lead to learning or thinking difficulties, since your brain will have problems making synapses, a problem that can lead to cognitive decline as you grow old. 


Daily activity that can keep your brain healthy #1: Learning something new

From simply learning a new recipe, to learning a new language, maintaining your brain intellectually active by exposing it to new things is the best way of keeping it young and healthy. Reading or writing regularly, or even teasing it every day with games such as crosswords and puzzles, is vital for exercising your mind. If the activities also involve interacting with others, then you can enjoy the benefits of socializing as well.

Just like it’s important to exercise your body regularly to keep it fit, so it’s important to give your brain a workout every day to help it avoid future cognitive difficulties. Start by something simple: move things with your non-dominant hand to wake up the other side of your brain, or learn a new word in a different language every day.



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