Back-to-School fashion trends for 2014

  • Sol Rivero

It’s Back-to-School month, and now that everyone is getting ready for going back to class, we check out the must-haves you should get to create chic outfits for next fall. Read on and discover the Back-to-School fashion trends for 2014.


Back-to-School fashion trend #5: Plaid

Every fall season, designers decide to renovate the customary Fall/Winter plaid. For this year, semi-sheer dresses, leggings, plaid in pastel hues, and dress-shirts will be the favorites of the season. Combinations of plaid with other prints will also be frequent, so be audacious and don’t be afraid of creating something bold with this fashion staple.


Back-to-School fashion trend #4: Pastel and metallic

Two trends that will survive from Spring/Summer to Fall/Winter are pastel hues and metallic tones. Clothes and accessories in these hues will be the favorites to add some color to the fall season, and you can easily combine them for an extra unique look.

Remember to not overdo it with the metallic pieces. Instead of wearing a full metallic dress for school, try a metallic skirt or crop top, and combine them with an opaque and casual piece.


Back-to-School fashion trend #3: Statement jewelry

For Fall/Winter season, eye-catching and colorful statement jewelry will be the favorite. Accessories with floral motifs, long necklaces and lively bracelets will be everywhere. Amulets, kitsch pendants and shiny purses are perfect for adding something extra to your Back-to-School look.

Accessories with fringes, crystals, embroidery, or inspired on the 90s are also extremely popular for the season, so make sure you find the one that fits your style.


Back-to-School fashion trend #2: Graphic prints

One of the biggest trends you’ll be seeing everywhere is pop-inspired graphic prints in shoes, dresses, backpacks, clothes and more! Planets, lips, cats, unicorns, logos, glasses…anything goes when it comes to creating a fun Back-to-School outfit!

Artsy prints and regular patterns such as polka dots and plaid will also be extremely popular, and be prepared for mixing unique prints to create colorful outfits.


Back-to-School fashion trend #1: Cute grunge

The 90’s trends will continue to be extremely popular during this season, and none more than the grunge trend. This recycled comfy trend celebrates baggy clothes, layers and an unkempt but chic look. However, for this season, grunge will take a new turn by adding floral motifs to soften it.

Use floral accessories, metallic jewelry and bowler hats to add a more romantic look. Or, if you prefer it, incorporate leather accents into a softer outfit, to add grunginess to your look.



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