How to pick the best ring for your hand shape

  • Sol Rivero

Just like a dress won’t look good on every body type, rings also fit perfectly with some hand shapes and not on others. Learn how to pick the best ring for yours with these essential guidelines!


What’s the best ring for long fingers?

People with long and slender fingers can wear almost every type of rings, but it’s usually recommended to create contrast with a round-shaped ring or a long vertical design.



What´s the best ring for short fingers?

To create the illusion of length, people with short fingers should use rings with a long vertical design, and avoid rectangular and wide rings, or rings with a too complex design, for they’ll overwhelm their hand shape.



What’s the best ring for plump fingers?

Rings with large and clustered stones or with angular designs will look great on this type of finger, for they reduce their roundness.



What’s the best ring for bony fingers?

This type of finger usually shows large knuckles. The best ornament for it is a ring with multiple bands, for it draws attention away from the knuckles.     



What’s the best ring for large or small hands?

To make large hands look small and proportionate, use rings with large designs or a chunky style. For small hands, the best thing is to add a one-band, thin ring, or a small ring.  



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November 13, 2013

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