Beauty Denim: Alexandre Herchcovitch’s anti-cellulite jeans

  • Sol Rivero

Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch claims to have found an anti-cellulite solution in a technology named Beauty Denim. That’s right, ladies, this cure against cellulite comes in the shape of jeans! During Rio de Janeiro’s fashion week, Fashion Rio, the designer presented his latest discovery, and today we tell you all about it!


How do anti-cellulite jeans work?

Cellulite derives from lack of circulation, a problem which has been linked with using too tight pants or not exercising enough. According to Herchcovitch, the Beauty Denim works by stimulating circulation by using body heat and turning it into infrared rays.

These jeans derive from a collaboration between the designer and the enterprises Rhodia Fibras and Canatiba, and they’re the product of five years of research.



Do the anti-cellulite jeans actually work?

Well, it’s too early to say, but most doctors agree that there’s no external cure for cellulites, so popular creams and other products are believed to be useless against it.

However, other designers are also betting in the anti-cellulite pants technology, such as Wrangler, which released moisturizing jeans, and Mohicano Jeans, which presented pants with Aloe Vera.


Will you try these magic jeans when they come out? Tell us what you think!


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November 12, 2013

Sol Rivero.


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