10 best fashion gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2015

10 best fashion gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2015

  • Sol Rivero

 It’s the time of the year to start planning how to pamper the most important women in our lives: our mothers! This time, we’ll be giving you 10 wonderful suggestions that are perfect for the fashion-loving moms out there.

Keep reading and discover the 10 best fashion gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2015 that will help you give her the greatest present and celebrate this important date!


10 best fashion gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2015

It doesn’t matter if she’s in her twenties or in her late fifties: every woman loves to look great at all times! Luckily for you, this year is perfect for celebrating every mother’s beauty with the perfect combination of old-times nostalgia and a modernized spin on timeless trends.

Here are some great fashion gift ideas for Mother’s Day 2015 that every mom will love:

  • A maxi dress: we’re in the midst of the Spring/Summer season, and there’s simply no better way for staying fresh while still looking elegant during the warmest month than with a chic maxi dress. Look for ethnic or psychedelic prints that will remind your mother of the 70s bohemian style. This versatile piece will look great on any occasion: from a stroll down the beach, to a late romantic dinner.
  • A statement gemstone necklace: every woman loves a little bling, and for this season the perfect option is a large statement necklace with colorful gemstones. Make sure you select something that incorporates metallic accents and a unique design for a chic but sophisticated spirit and help her celebrate her glamorous side!
  • A breezy blouse: the staple of the season, a 70s style breezy blouse in earthy colors is the perfect way of helping your stylish mom incorporate the bohemian and ethnic trends into her wardrobe this season. This piece will look great on any body shape by helping create the illusion of curves, or emphasizing them!
  • Amulets: accessories with talismans have been extremely popular this season. They’re the perfect complements for any ensemble, and they can be found in any presentation, from earrings to stackable string bracelets. These items add mystery and an exotic touch to any outfit, so they’re a wonderful addition to any daring mom!

  • Gladiator sandals: although statement platforms are “in” for this season, truth is most moms want something comfortable, easy to wear, but also stylish and fashionable. Knee-high gladiator sandals are the perfect chic options for this season, combining comfort with an eye-catching design.
  • Floral jewelry or accessories: it’s spring, the perfect season to celebrate the essence of motherhood! Instead of giving your mom a bouquet of flowers that will wither away in just a few days, how about giving her accessories with floral designs that will last forever? Consider metallic floral earrings or perhaps a floral scarf-bracelet to complement her look!
  • A fringed saddle bag: did your mom live during the 70s? Then perhaps this Spring/Summer 2015 trend will bring her a memory or two! The statement bag for this season is the saddle bag. This chic accessory is perfect for bringing back the 70s easygoing mood, and adding a modern spin through fringed decorations and earthy colors that will look wonderful while staying practical during the upcoming months.
  • An oversized cuff bracelet: an eye-catching accessory always helps add personality to any ensemble, and for this season designers created bracelets that will instantly grab everyone’s attention! If you have a fashion-loving mom, then you can help her add a touch of style to her look with an oversized metallic cuff bracelet, or a beaded cuff bracelet.
  • A printed shirtdress: the perfect way to combine comfort and style! If your mom loves looking great and fashionable, then look for a printed shirtdress with ethnic or geometric patterns. This versatile piece is great for every season, and she’ll be able to wear it even after the Spring/Summer season is over.
  • Colorful sunglasses: the perfect timeless accessory, elegant shades with tinted glasses and UV protection will look great on every mom, and they never go out of style!




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