Style basics: 5 women's fashion rules - by guest blogger Maya Savanovich

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Do you follow all the most fashionable celebrities on Instagram? Or do you never leave your house without your designer handbag? If you're a self-proclaimed fashionista that tries her best to be fashionable, you might be surprised at some fashion rules that you're breaking! While fashion rules do change as new trends come about, these five basic rules are those that you should always follow.


Wear Clothing Fitted for Your Body

Too many women wear loose-fitting clothes to cover up their rolls, bumps and love handles that they don't want anyone to see. Unfortunately, those baggy shirts and wide-leg pants just end up making you look bigger than you are! Nobody wants to do that to themselves, so it's best to wear clothes that are fitted for your shape. On the flip side of this, you shouldn't be wearing clothes that are skin tight on you either. If you do that you'll just be showcasing all your imperfections that you would rather not show off to the world.



Never Wear Leggings as Pants

Since leggings have made their way into the fashion world a lot of women have been wearing them incorrectly. Leggings should always be worn with long tunics or even dresses in order to be worn appropriately. This is because leggings are see-through, which means when you're walking or bending over, people will be able to see what you are (or are not) wearing underneath! Nobody wants to suffer from that embarrassment, so always wear long tunics or tops with those leggings, ladies!


Panty Problems

Panties are meant to be worn under clothing, which means you shouldn't be able to see them when you're wearing clothes. Panty lines should always be avoided, especially if you're wearing leggings, jeggings or any other tight-fitting bottoms. Thongs are great solutions that will ensure no panty lines, but there are now a lot of "no panty line" underwear out there to buy. Another panty issue many women run into is wearing white or bright colored panties with tan or white bottoms. If you're wearing light colored bottoms, then skin-colored panties are always the best.



Simple Accessories

There are now more accessories out there than ever, so it can be easy to go overboard with them. Headbands, belts, handbags, glasses, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, midi rings, ear cuffs, etc., are just the beginning! When it comes to wearing these, remember that less is always going to be more in relation to your overall look. Balance yourself out with just a few accessories so that you don't look crazy and have to spend ten minutes taking everything on and off. For example, a watch with a bracelet can be worn together with cute shoes, earrings and a matching handbag. That is simple, balanced and will look great with any outfit.



Choose a Great Bra

Your bra has the ability to make you look 10 pounds thinner, but it can also make you look 10 pounds heavier! It's important to get a fitted bra that fits your curves and doesn't push your fat out of all the sides. You don't want the dreaded "side boob" or back rolls either, so a good bra is SO important. Go into a lingerie store and get measured (it's free) and you'll know your true bra size, which is probably a size you're not wearing. Around 85% of women wear the wrong bra size, but you don't have to be part of that statistic!



About the author:

Maya Savanovich is a fashion and a wedding blogger. She loves writing about the newest trends and share her experiences in the world of fashion and weddings through her articles, hopefully she will help someone. She's a contributor to many websites and can be found on many social networks, but she’s most active on Facebook and Pinterest pinning her fave pics. You can find her work on Lucky Magazine, in the Model Modelle magazine, Wed Me Pretty and many more. Currently is working on a project for one of the largest online lingerie shops Spurst. She also likes spending time with her friends and family, reading and cooking. She's always on the lookout for something new.




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November 14, 2013

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