Beauty inspiration for Thanksgiving

  • Sol Rivero

Thanksgiving is two weeks away, and like any woman, you might be planning how your hair and makeup will look like. To help you out, here’s some beauty inspiration from the Fall 2013 fashion runways which will help you create a stunning and unique look for this important date!


Beauty inspiration for Thanksgiving #3: Sweet and natural

For your hair, braid it to one side of your face and place a cute accessory or a headband on it. For your makeup, use pale pinks or oranges for your lips, a very soft blush, and make your eyes the center of attention with eyeliner and a lot of mascara.



Beauty inspiration for Thanksgiving #2: Bold and chic

We saw a lot of slicked back hairstyles at the Fall fashion runways, so try this cute look by parting your hair to the side and letting it fall messily on your back. For your makeup, make your lips pop-out with a dark lipstick with glitter in a burgundy, golden or bronze shade. Complete the look with just a bit of white, pink or golden eye-shadows, and brown eyeliner.



Beauty inspiration for Thanksgiving #1: Sensual and elegant

For a sexy look, tie up your hair in a unique bun or a French twist. For your makeup, use a dark red lipstick. Make your bottom lip look fuller, and draw two peaks at the top lip. Use black eyeliner to create a cat-eye look by drawing the line towards your temple. Fill in your eyebrows to make them seem thick and stylized.



What do you think about these beauty suggestion? Let us know!


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November 14, 2013

Sol Rivero.