Color Green: psychology, symbolism and facts

  • Sol Rivero

Emerald Green and similar shadeshave been named the main colors of 2013. Today, we’ve compiled some facts about the psychology and symbolism of the color green, which will help you out deciding when and how to wear it or use it in your environment.


What is the psychology and symbolism of Green?

The color Green is related to nature, tranquility and the balance between heart and mind. It represents rebirth and stability, and since it contains yellow and blue, it carries within it the properties of both: mental clarity and emotional calmness, respectively.

The serenity of the color Green derives from a primitive instinct, since we relate it with the presence of water, and thus, food and shelter. In some cultures, it is also related to royalty and love.

You can wear Green clothes, jewelry or accessories to attract financial prosperity, fertility and peacefulness, like with our beautiful Lucia bracelet, or our Nephthys necklace.



Which colors look best with Green?

To create contrast, you can combine Green with complementary colors such as tones of orange or red. For something more subtle, you can complement it with shades of yellow or blue. Use any of these tones and you’ll look just fine!



How do you wear Green?


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