5 foods to avoid for a healthy heart

  • Sol Rivero

Heart diseases are one of the main causes of death, and one way to avoid them is to be careful of what you eat. Check out the 5 foods you should avoid for a healthy heart!


Food to avoid for a healthy heart #5: Sugary drinks

Sodas, juices and sport drinks contain high amounts of sugars which the body can’t process as easily as solid calories, producing weight gain and increasing blood sugar.



Food to avoid for a healthy heart #4: Canned vegetables, sauces and soups

Canned meals contain high amounts of sodium, which can increase blood pressure and consequently heart disease.



Food to avoid for a healthy heart #3: Salad dressings and trimmings

The inclusion of pieces of egg, croutons, potato, mayonnaise or creamy dressings add too much cholesterol and sodium to an otherwise healthy meal.



Food to avoid for a healthy heart #2: Trans fats

Trans fats are part of many dairy products and processed food, and they tend to raise bad cholesterol while lowering the good cholesterol. Read the labels of your food and look for “zero trans fat” products.



Food to avoid for a healthy heart #1: Salt

As we’ve mentioned before, sodium is a component you should try to avoid, so when you’re cooking try to keep the amount of salt to a minimum. Add it after serving and not before so you can properly control its’ amount, and look for products with “low sodium” or “no-salt-added” labels.



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November 18, 2013

Sol Rivero.


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