Christmas Gifts Guide: Presents for women

  • Sol Rivero

Since women are in constant change and growth, their likings might vary through the different stages of their lives. That’s why we’ve organized our Christmas Gifts Guide by age, so you can find the perfect present for that woman in your life according to the phase she is going through.

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Christmas gifts for teenage girls (12-18)

Teenage girls are experimenting and trying to find their identity, so their likings will usually gravitate either towards mainstream culture or unconventional groups (punks, hipsters, gothics, etc.). The most important part of choosing the perfect present for a teenage girl is to try to give her something that fits her style and her likings. Don’t try to change her! She’ll probably do it on her own later on

Our suggestions:

  • A camera
  • A charm bracelet
  • An online TV subscription
  • A laptop, tablet or iPod
  • A cute coat
  • A cute bag



Christmas gifts for college women (19-25)

College girls and women are usually enjoying but also dreading their newly acquired responsibilities. The best presents for them are objects that she’ll find useful in her daily life, nostalgic items that make her feel at home, and appliances which she can use to entertain her friends.



Our suggestions:  

  • A small electric kitchen or coffeemaker
  • A popcorn maker
  • A sophisticated accessory
  • A makeup kit
  • A set of movies or TV-shows she likes
  • A comfortable hoodie or comfortable shoes


Christmas gifts for young adults (26-29)

Young adults are starting to work and perhaps thinking about settling down with a family or a steady job. They’re also beginning to set a definitive style of their own, and their likings become more predictable and easy to spot. Great presents will make them feel young but also help them in the transition into adulthood.

Our suggestions:


Christmas gifts for adult women (30+)

Most of these women have steady jobs and a defined style. It’s time for pampering them and make them feel youthful and beautiful!



Our suggestions:

  • A statement necklace
  • An elegant coat
  • An exotic trip
  • A beautiful painting
  • A set of CD’s with her favorite music
  • A fun board game


Which of these gifts would you like to receive?


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December 10, 2013

Sol Rivero.