As you might know by now, that old no-white after Labor Day is an outdated rule, and this year white has been a favorite for many fashion designers. That’s why today we take a look at the Fall/Winter runways and show you 4 chic ways of using white during winter!


Way of using white during winter #4: Animal prints

If you prefer adding some white to your outfit through small details, a great way of doing it is with animal prints, which were in vogue during the fall/winter runways. You can add it to a full outfit or simply wear it on your accessories: a handbag, a scarf, a Peter Pan collar, etc.


Way of using white during winter #3: Geo shapes and lines

The black-and-white combination is a classic, and a great way of wearing it is through geometric shapes or stripes. Just like animal prints, your outfit won’t be fully white, but you’ll still be wearing the shade with elegance.



Way of using white during winter #2: Oversized

A very glamorous way of adding white to any outfit is through an oversized white piece: a large white blouse or a white coat will look perfect on any occasion.



Way of using white during winter #1: Floral

The floral pattern has been a favorite for the winter season. White floral patterns against a black background, or black floral prints against a white fabric will look perfectly adorable!



Complement these outfits with metallic accessories or some crystals and you’ll look exquisite!


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December 26, 2013

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