Tips for taking care of your accessories while you’re away from home

  • Sol Rivero

Many of you are enjoying the winter break away from home, and to help you take care of your accessories in the meantime, here are some tips that will keep your jewelry and fashion complements on their best shape.


Tips for taking care of your scarves while you’re away from home

When you’re traveling with your scarves don’t twist them or rumple them. Extend them fully and place them between thick cloths of a soft fabric. When you arrive to your destination, hang all your scarves inside a closet to keep them away from dust and sunlight.  


Tips for taking care of your purses while you’re away from home

To pack your purses, envelope them with cloths and protect metallic elements with brown paper to avoid scratches. When you reach your destination, place them inside a closet without unwrapping them. When you need to use them, remove everything and clean the purse with a cloth of soft fabric.


Tips for taking care of your jewelry while you’re away from home

The best solution to protect your jewelry is to store it in a jewelry box lined with satin or silk. If you don’t have one, then make sure you envelope every necklace, bracelet and ring separately inside cloths. Store them inside a plastic bag or a box, and keep them away from sunlight and dust. Unwrap only the jewelry you’ll need, and before storing it away again make sure you clean it thoroughly with a cloth and some soapy water.


Remember to always take good care of your accessories! Happy winter break!


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December 26, 2013

Sol Rivero.