Quiz: what kind of fashionista are you?

  • Sol Rivero

Today we’re giving a fun ending to the week! Find out what kind of fashionista are you by answering some simple questions. Check out the answers below!




Question #1: What’s your favorite Fashion magazine?

A-     Vogue or Elle

B-     W Magazine

C-     Independent blogs/vlogs

D-     None


Question #2: What’s your essential fashion accessory?

A-     A designer purse

B-     A bracelet/necklace by an upcoming designer

C-     A handmade necklace/charm bracelet

D-     Some stud earrings I use for special occasions


Question #3: Which essential color combination would you wear?

A-     Two of Pantone’s colors of the year

B-     Black and white

C-     White and blue

D-     Blue jeans and whatever T-shirt I can find


Question #4: You’re going to the mall for some shopping. What do you get?

A-     Designer shoes and purses

B-     Something from a small unknown store

C-     Bracelets and Peter Pan collars from an online store

D-     A larger bag


Question #5: Do you follow fashion trends?

A-     Yes, most of them.

B-     Some of them, but I try to stay ahead of the curve.

C-     Sometimes, but I have my own style.

D-     No.


Question #6: Would you go to a Fashion Week if you had the chance?

A-     Yes, of course!

B-     Perhaps, but only to a few shows of lesser-known designers.

C-     I watch the pictures online.

D-     No way!




What kind of fashionista are you? – Answers


Mostly A: Classic fashionista

You love trends, established fashion designers and value haute couture. You love having every single article from your favorite designers, and consequently sometimes you spend a little more than you should. To keep yourself in check, try to set a monthly limit for your fashion expenses, and remember that sometimes you can find designer articles at a low-cost in smaller stores and during sales.  Also, remember that not every fashion trend will look good on your body, so try to wear them consciously and not get swept by the mass.


Mostly B: Trendsetter fashionista

You’re in touch with a more artistic side of fashion, showing your support for newcomers and their novel ideas. In consequence, you might be one step ahead of the time, and usually you wear things before they hit the major fashion runways. You have a very well-defined sense of style, and you like to complement it with your unique findings when you go shopping. Some might find your style odd, but remember to keep a good attitude. They’ll come around in time!


Mostly C: Online fashionista

You love watching tutorials and fashion hauls at YouTube, and enjoy checking out Tumblr and blogs for outfit inspiration. You might have a soft spot for nostalgic items, and enjoy surfing the web and finding the best things to complement your unique style, whether it’s inspired by animé, movies or fashion bloggers. You appreciate handmade items, since they give a one-of-a-kind look to your outfit. Like the trendsetter, you are ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion, and you have a very well-defined style. Congrats!


Mostly D: Occasional fashionista

Fashion magazines and trends are not your thing. When special occasions come around you might ask for some help to a fashionable friend or family member, but during most of the time it’s all about comfort and being true to your own style. Just remember to always have some few essentials around: a little black dress, a pair of stud earrings, a cute bracelet and a handbag, and you’ll be fine for almost any occasion!


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