Top 10 best fashion trends of 2013

  • Sol Rivero

The year is about to end, and we’re welcoming 2014 with a look back at the best fashion trends of 2013. Designers were bold, fun and unique, even when reviving trends from decades past. Take a look at our top 10 favorite trends of the year!


Best fashion trend of 2013 #10: Nail art

It was a year full of DIY tutorials for painting your nails in bold colors and fun shapes. Nails became another fashion accessory, and though some predict this trend will soon die down a little, it’s more likely that many will continue to experiment with colors, shapes and more on 2014!



Best fashion trend of 2013 #9: Overalls

The 90’s trends are back with oversized jeans, flannel shirts, cropped tops and some questionable getups, but overalls are one of this decade’s items we love! The denim overall was seen during the fall season, and it became a favorite of many celebrities and fashion bloggers.



Best fashion trend of 2013 #8: Regal accessories

Golden and silver jewelry was everywhere this year! From embellished crowns to large golden drop earrings, beautiful medallions and gorgeous cuff bracelets, accessories with a regal air captured our hearts during 2013.



Best fashion trend of 2013 #7: See-through and lace

Designers were inspired by negligée to create collections which toyed with sheerness and sensuality. See-through fabrics like chiffon decorated with lace or applications were a favorite this year, creating lovely romantic outfits.



Best fashion trend of 2013 #6: Pastel colors

Although black, navy and burgundy were some of the favorite shades of the year, pastel colors also made a comeback with baby blue, green and pink. Whether in romantic lace dresses or tweed outfits, the pastel trend was definitely quite popular.



Best fashion trend of 2013 #5: Winter white

Wearing white is a challenge, and this year it was used for breaking the rules and looking chic during the winter season. Many celebrities have opted for full white gowns for special events, and you can get the look by adding some crystal accessories or metallic jewelry.



Best fashion trend of 2013 #4: Floral

This 2012 trend continued this year, with beautiful large appliqués, lace patterns, colorful prints and even accessories: earrings with a floral design or purses with flowers as decorations were some of the most coveted items of 2013.



Best fashion trend of 2013 #3: Grunge trend

The laidback but surprisingly chic look of the grunge trend captured our hearts this year, filling the runways with oversized sweaters, boots, leather and plaid shirts. The 90’s trends might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t resist the appeal of this comfy and glamorous look!



Best fashion trend of 2013 #2: Flapper fashion

Inspired by The Great Gatsby and a love for all things vintage, the 20’s flappers were back in fashion this year, from makeup with cat-eyes and vibrant red lips, to gowns with sequins and elaborated headpieces, it was one of the many fashion highlights of the year!



Best fashion trend of 2013 #1: Statement necklaces

This year marked the return of the statement pieces, especially necklaces! Colorful Art Deco ornaments, voluminous pieces with crystals or gorgeous statement necklaces with gemstones, these accessories were the must-have items of 2013!


What was your favorite fashion trend of 2013?                         


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